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Huber Hansi von Holzhausen

 24.06.2018 // 02.12.2018 // 28.01.2019


Huber Hansi von Holzhausen



28.01.1990 / Wassermann

Geburtszeit & Ort

23:45 Uhr in Starnberg


24.06.2018 in Tutzing


Holzhausen am Starnberger See

 „We unite the world

for peace and harmony”


Hans-Peter Huber aka. Hansi von Holzhausen (Bayern) is a young and driven serial entrepreneur, musician, designer, and business engineer. He is devoted to change the world in various ways to the better. He is taking the challenges where most people would say it is not possible to solve - thinking with creativity and fun, prototyping and failing fast - but being in the long run also very successful. He is only doing things he is 100% believing in and having fun working on it and hacking them. As the King of Bayern, he wants to change the world to the better!


He is living and helping on the farm of his parents in Holzhausen at Lake Starnberg, studied Mechanical Engineering and Management (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich. During his studies, he worked at Siemens AG in the area of open innovation, as a technology scout to integrate external innovations in various business units. For his bachelor's thesis, he researched innovative community ideas and mobility services at BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH and analyzed the market and company success of these services. At ThinxNet GmbH, he joined with the attempt to build the biggest connected car community in the world with the app RYD. His Master Thesis was examining the potential for ConnectedCar payment and platform services. With these scientific approaches and knowledge, he is working in business development, strategy and innovation for ThinxNet and building a huge network of partners, investors, and developers.


Hansi is also passionate about sports and music. He founded the Bavarian brass band Tromposaund with 5 friends and was playing at the biggest brass festivals in Europe as well as on the Oktoberfest Munich in the Marstall tent. He is moderating these events in front of thousands of people and is familiar with singing the “Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”.


While doing an MBA-Exchange in Israel, he wanted to make music and sports with new people and founded the sports network SPOYU to bring people together all over the world interested in the same activities. In Israel, he also researched conflicts in the world, the Holocaust and terror attacks and why they happen. After coming home from one of the various backpacking trips in the world and seeing the Killing Fields in Cambodia, he founded the PeaceTechFoundation and the open source software platform OTOPIA to bring more peace, love, trust, openness, equality, and sustainability in the world. Together with Marcel Donges, he is creating THE FUTURE WEB with the WODA.ONE platform to kickstart the Internet of Services (IoS). To access all services with a fingertip on a sustainable LovePhone, THE KINGDOM ONE offers an °ID and °Government platform to create a free digital identity system for the whole world. 


To end worldwide poverty and hunger within 2 years, he joined Florian Goette and founded Neco.Finance to redefine our financial system with a new digital currency that is made for the people & planet and not for profit. Also, he joined Kyäni to transform the healthcare system we have to live in. He wants to make all people healthy and wealthy.

Asking his heart and the universe – what he really wants to achieve is, making Bavaria to a place like a paradise. Bringing people together in Tradition and Innovation and winning people around the world to invest in a sustainable future for Bavaria and the planet!

Meet Hansi and share his fabulous lifestyle on events, fairs and political meetings all around the world. 

Let’s make our planet great again

and be successful in this project for better humanity!